Since inception in 1969, SCISERV has been recognized as a leading geochemical and assaying laboratory in Southern Africa.

While maintaining a base in Cape Town, SCISERV has operated satellite laboratories in Namibia and in Springbok. SCISERV remains a relatively small but innovative operation embracing the latest technology. This, along with personal contact and a commitment to providing techniques tailored to exploration requirements has assured our success.

The owner manager relationship together with a long serving core of employees results in a high level of personal commitment from our staff to our customers. It is this personal touch that makes SCISERV unique and resilient.

To ensure continued reducibility and accuracy SCISERV participates in the highly recognised Geostats round robin.



Oilwatch is the South African Leader in Tribology Services. We are a state of the art analytical laboratory that provides an effective and efficient service to the oil and fuel industry. Oilwatch is the oil analysis division of Scientific Services. We believe in a holistic approach to oil analysis. Unlike traditional tribology labs, our reports and feedback are concise, user friendly, and empower your staff in making more informed decisions. The basis of our philosophy is 'no compromise'. Oilwatch relies on technically advanced equipment and 32 years of laboratory experience. Our staff has the expertise and motivation to offer our users maximum reliability and satisfaction. Industry is ensured of a reliable and fast turnaround time. Our laboratory also makes use of a Grading Level System (GLS), which allows us to convey important information instantaneously. Our staff is completely flexible to your needs. An experienced diagnostician is readily available to answer your queries.