What SCISERV offers:

Provides sample preparation and analytical services for mining, minerals exploration and environmental monitoring.

Analyses rocks, drill cores, soils, sands, ores and solutions by the appropriate techniques using mainly XRF, ICP and AAS instruments. It provides all the required sample preparation equipment to undertake the drying, screening, crushing, splitting, and pulverizing of all types of sample material.

Undertakes the separation of the heavy mineral fractions using custom designed heavy liquid techniques widely used for both diamond indicator sampling and heavy mineral beach sands projects. A full range of mag and para-mag separation equipment is available for evaluation of Heavy Mineral Sands projects.

Has been involved in many of the large uranium projects in Namibia and the karoo since the early 80's using the XRF with full matrix corrections.

Has had outstanding success with its BLEG (Bulk Cyanide Gold Leach) technique and developed the "mini-BLEG" to ease the logistics of field teams. Although a relatively small facility, SCISERV's Fire Assay unit performs exceptionally well as witnessed by the round robin programs we participate in.

Operates a Gas Pycnometer for specific gravity measurements.

Environmental mercury analysis is done by means of an ovarian meter.

Has operated XRF instruments for over 30 years, routinely undertaking major element (whole rock) analysis on fused beads and a wide range of elements including uranium, tin, tungsten, tantalum, moly and biobium.