We have been involved in a variety programmes in almost all commodities, with the exception of coal.

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation and analytical services for mining, minerals exploration and environmental monitoring. We provide all the required sample preparation equipment to undertake the drying, screening, crushing, splitting, and pulverising of all types of sample material.

Mechanical particle size distribution as well as particle size distribution by laser diffraction.

Analysis of rocks, drill cores, soils, sands, ores and solutions by the appropriate techniques using mainly XRF, ICP and AAS instruments.

Sample digestion by microwave, acid and fusion techniques. Samples for XRF are prepared by fused bead or pressed pellet.

Heavy Mineral Separation & Magnetic Separation

Separation of the heavy mineral fractions using custom designed heavy liquid techniques widely used for both diamond indicator sampling and heavy mineral beach sands projects. A full range of mag and para-mag separation equipment is available for evaluation of heavy mineral sands projects.

Scientific services

Trace and Ore Grade Lithium

We offers experience on Lithium (Li) bearing minerals such as pegmatites, spodumene and Lithium rich brines. The package may come with refractory minerals such as Niobium (Nb), Tantalum (Ta) and Tin (Sn). The SS laboratory employs mineral acid and fusion digestion with ICP-OES finish. Pressed pellets XRF analysis may be utilised if necessary. The laboratory procedure is discussed prior to analysis to meet the client’s needs.

Lead and Zinc concentrates

We provide assay on Pb and Zn ore grade and concentrates containing high percentage levels. Near-total digestion with ICP-OES and fusion bead XRF techniques are available for complete and accurate determination.


We have had outstanding success with our BLEG (Bulk Cyanide Gold Leach) technique and developed the “mini-BLEG” to ease the logistics of field teams. Although a relatively small facility, SCISERV’s Fire Assay unit performs exceptionally well as witnessed by the round robin programmes we participate in.


We have been involved in many of the large uranium projects in Namibia and the Karoo since the early 80s, using the XRF with full matrix corrections.


Extensive copper projects have been a main stay over much of our 48-year history. Our services include acid, cyanide soluble and residual leaching techniques.


We have completed many marine and on-shore projects over the past five years.

Borehole Water

We offer a suite of analysis for non-potable water. Hardness, Alkalinity, pH, Conductivity, TDS, Iron & Turbidity.

Specific Gravity

SG by Gas Pycnometer or wax displacement.

Multi Element Packages

These can be tailor-made to accommodate the client’s requirements.
Typically include: Major Elements, Trace Metals, Rare Earth Elements, Lithium, Base/Precious Metals.

Environmental Analysis

Consisting of Particle Size Distribution, Trace Metals including Mercury, Total Organic Content.